Wednesday, April 16, 2008

End of the .com

Just an update that I'm no longer using my address, and have instead decided to go with free blogs since I don't blog a lot and maximise the usage of a paid hosted site.

I'll be at See ya on the other side!

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


Is blogger working?? Hmm...

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Long Time No Problem

Dunno why suddenly my blog isn't working again. It's been oh so wonderfully long since I had any problems with my site, and suddenly this happened. Dunnola. At least I don't feel annoyed or anything because it hasn't happened in such a long time. Maybe they're like doing some switching or something. Who knows. Guess I shall check back again later or tomorrow and if it's still not working, then only I'll email them. I wanted to email them now, but then decided not to. Maybe it'll be up again instantly or something la. Hahhaha... Give them chance abit.


ps... dunno if anyone even bothers checking here anot. la la la la...

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Main Site's Back!

The Main Blog's back in working order. Everybody visiting this page, please detour back to the Main Blog!

Thanks and see you there!

Puzzle Solved!

So glad managed to solve the puzzle!

At first this was as far as I could go...

Then cheneille gave me the link to the answer and before I knew it:

Taaadaaa!! Solved!! Hahhaa... though the answers might be a bit complicated to some since the person used like numbers and letters and all... but I found it quite easy la once you understand how the person codes the pieces in the game.

So yes, it's finally solved. Eventhough I cheated, but well, it's still solved! Hurrah!

Monday, August 08, 2005


Thanks to Cheneille, now I'm stuck doing this puzzle thing that I cannot seem to solve! It's like you're suppose to move the pieces around to get the Orange piece out. It's damn difficult I find! The stupid blue horizontal piece seems to always be getting in the way. I wonder if there's some mathematical way to solve this puzzle. While most of the time I ended up in similar positions, I had managed to move some pieces to where I've yet to see them be at before in the puzzle, but even then, I still had problems getting the Orange piece through. In the end, that formation didn't work, so I just clicked the Restart button and attempted again.

Anyways, give it a go! If you can solve it, I'll give you a prize, that being a compliment on how brilliant you are at solving that puzzle! =D

Don't give up and keep trying!!

ps... I've given up already. I think I'm just not meant to solve this puzzle, so I shall let it be and let someone else solve it and tell me the answer! Now who's MORE brilliant?? hehehhe...

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Site's Back Soon

Got an email response from my host regarding my website. Apparently it's in the process of restoration, and I could log into my admin panel already, though there are still no files and all. It's still in the process of restoration. They restore by username alphabetical order from the first (A-F) and last (V-Z) few of the alphabet, so thankfully mine starts with 'D' so like there's a sense of priority compared to like if you were stuck somewhere in the middle of the alphabet.

Sorry to Gary & Gillian, Harry & Heather, Ian & Ivy, Jack & Jill (the famous pair), Kevin & Karen, Laurance & Laura, Mark & Mary, Nelson & Nell, Owen & Olivia, Pat & Pet, The Qs (okay, i can't think of any name starting with Q), Robert & Rachel, Steve & Sandra, Tom & Thelma, and last but not least, The Us (okay, another one that stumped me!). To the rest, hopefully our sites will be up and working in no time!


Well, I've been MIA on my blog, for one reason because that my main site is STILL down eventhough it's been almost 5 days now. Still waiting to hear back from my host about that. Quite annoying really that it's been down so long.

Secondly, I just got home from mum's hometown today. Went back to Teluk Intan yesterday morning, and came back today evening. Went there for Granddad's birthday, though this time, they celebrated it on Friday, but we had the family dinner on yesterday, and today there was some lunch thing as well but organised by dunno some association/organisation/company or something that my granddad's associated with.

Anyways, as I've known, my grandma's a big fan of this quite famous korean drama called Jewel In The Palace (大长今) which tells the story of this girl called Cheung Gam in cantonese (Jang Geum in korean) who becomes like the first woman imperial doctor or something in korea la. Not really sure myself. I so far have watched like parts of 2 episodes previously and have heard quite a lot about this show.

Only when I went back yesterday did I properly watch the show. They were showing it on Astro Channel30, 3 episodes back-to-back from 4pm to 7pm. Hehhehe... My grandma catches it without fail! So since I'm always where the tv is, I just watched the show for the fun of it. Quite interesting actually, though it isn't something I'd follow la. But the story isn't too complicating, though of course there will be some parts you might not understand if you didn't watch earlier episodes. So far, I watched episode 40-51, and well, Cheung Gam's like helping the Queen who refuses to get a checkup, then finally cured her of her sickness, but now is being set up by this other bitch who's like jealous of her or something la. Hear that that girl likes this guy who insteads likes Cheung Gam. Hahaha... Anyways, got like other people also who dislikes Cheung Gam. The other time I saw the show, Cheung Gam was like in some royal cooking competition or something. I later found out that she was actually a cook or something like that earlier on, but then something happened (i think got 2 ppl die or something?? dunno if related to why she didn't end up being cook anot) and she got kicked out of the palace and came back as a nurse instead. So ya, anyways, that bitch i mentioned earlier joined forces with one of the senior aids (or something like that... wears green colour hanbok - korean costume thing) and now is like trying to sabotage Cheung Gam and at the beginning of episode52, seems to be doing a good job as the senior people including Cheung Gam's teacher begins to doubt her. Now dunno what happening la. I also dunno why got those people dislike her so much. Probably jealous or something. Oh well...

Anyways, ya... i'm quite addicted to the cantonese theme song of that show now. Hahahha... It plays in my head, and I kept humming out the chorus part to annoy my cousin who also watches that show along with my grandma. It's called Hei Mong or Hope, sung by Kelly Chen. Downloaded already. Hahaha... Now downloading the original korean soundtrack for the show just for the fun of it.

I will put a link to that song when I get my main blog up and running again so that you can download it and listen to it like a mad person. And hey, if you feel like singing along, here's the lyrics:

Hon fung jang fei doh yuen mei duen sin
Hon yat saang maan lei lo lo yiu maan maan
Hon hei sang dik geuk bo jun fa wan nuen
Nuen dik sam ngoi jui yik nei dik mei siu

To to fung yue long

Sam seng seung pung jong
Sun jeung loi nang lik chong
Sam jung dik kei mong
Jung yue do kaau ngon
Mei chang juet mong

*Hon fung jang fei go liu mei duen sin

Hon tin hung mo saan jui si sui ding ha
Hon gaan san bat keuk bo bo heung wan nuen
Nuen dik sam ngoi jan sik ngo dik mei siu*


To to fung yue long

Sam sing seung pung jong
Sun jeung loi nang lik chong
Sam jung dik kei mong
Jung yue do kaau ngon
Mei chang juet mong

Fan hoi dik ngaan lui
Seung sam seung gwa lui
Paan jeung chung fung yue seung
Sam jung ji yau mung
Yat tin jung joi jui
Mei loi joi mong

Well, there you have it... the romanised cantonese lyrics for the song! Put your players on Repeat mode and sing along!! Hahhaha...

Wonder how the Korean one goes. I've heard part of it before on tv but I recall it like schoolkids singing wan. Doesn't really sound nice. Oh well, dunnola.

So guess that's all then. Tmrw is monday, and hopefully, I will have some updates on my website. Hopefully it'll be up and running soon! Laterz!

--- btw, it's called "Tua Teng Kim" in hokkien. just fyi if you're curious or something ---

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Goldbyrne Who Dares

Well, yesterday was a sad occasion for my family. Goldbyrne, our Golden Retriever, was put to sleep sometime in the morning. He has some problem with his spine and nervous system that would eventually lead to paralysis. He even had problems urinating!

He had been barking the whole of the day before. It was obvious he was sick because dogs don't bark for such long hours unless something's amiss. I had also realised that he had been sitting at the same spot next to my front door entrance throughout the entire afternoon and evening whenever I saw him. He only moved at night to the outer part of the porch, and later to the back of the house. That was the last that I saw of him.

It was quite sad really thinking about it. I still can't believe that Goldbyrne really is no longer here. We bought him sometime late 1998 as I remember we had to give Sparky away at the same time because Sparky was still a little puppy and Goldbyrne could squash her to death. Finally, Sparky grew up, and we got her back to keep Goldbyrne company. They've been with each other for over 5 years now if I'm not mistaken. Yesterday, I noticed streams of dry tears on Sparky's face. She barked quite a fair bit too, more than usual (unless there are strangers near the house). I guess she also knew what had happened. Poor thing.

I guess with Goldbyrne gone, many things change. No more incessant barking when he wants to go out, no more running amok during thunderstorms (he's afraid of thunder), no more of us needing to try to block the front gate as we pass through to prevent him from squeezing through to get out of the house, and last but not least, no more hearing mum calling out Goldbyrne "Gong-Gong".

I still remember all those times before where he would push down flower pots and cabinets outside the house to hide behind them during storms. That is why if you came to my house and noticed, there aren't any flower pots around and the cabinets are mounted on the wall. It was all because of Goldbyrne that we had to do that. At one time we didn't even had benches because he would bite the bench. He even bit the metal grills causing him to bleed in the mouth. Must really hurt!

Well, that's no longer going to happen. I guess this would eventually come. I had always wondered what will happen the day Goldbryne goes away to the land of no return. I wonder if the injection that put him to sleep hurts, or whether it'll just make him drowsy and finally get his sweet relief.

All good things I guess must come to an end. As I went through all the old photos I took of Goldbyrne, lots of memories were brought up. I guess with these photos, eventhough Goldbyrne is no longer with us physically, within us, he'll still always be there.

We Shall Begin

This isn't my main blog, but my website's down (yet again) so I have decided to post blog entries here for the time being.